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01 - 05 Jul 2020
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Berlin, Germany
ISTA Wild Love Festival

"The Soul of the world is moving. Like a great wind through grassland or a wave lifting in the ocean
Our hearts know that all over the world others are emerging, blinking from their caves because some horn has been sounded somewhere in cosmos, calling us. Some deep tide of awakening has come upon us and another generation that has been dreaming and nurturing the truth that it is love, is ripe and bursting." - Bruce Lyon

✹ ISTA Wild Love Festival - Berlin 2020 ✹

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Are you ready to connect with the Wild Love that is You?
Do you wish to bravely meet the shadows, light, powers and gifts that lies within your se-xuality and emotions?
The ISTA Wild Love Festival is an invitation to do so, with a deep honesty, healthy boundaries, loving environment, tribal setting and real respect for each other.

☀️ This festival is open for anyone and everyone interested in conscious se-xuality, beginners and experienced alike. ☀️

Festival website -

⫷ The Invitation ⫸

We are thrilled to invite you to the first international ISTA Festival to be happening in Germany.
After successfully creating this festival in Israel for seven years, we feel ripe and excited to expand this creation into Europe, hoping to spread the work further and open many more hearts, bodies and minds.

Come and join us for a 5 days journey, led by a team of highly experienced and international faculty from all over the globe.
A long 5 days weekend of workshops, lectures, parties, live music shows, temples and meaningful community experiences.
Come to celebrate, explore, learn, grow, laugh and cry. Come to remember…
The festival is open for anyone and everyone interested in conscious se-xuality, beginners and experienced alike.

This potent cultural experience will take place only 1.5h from Berlin in Helenesee, in the middle of the forest and next to a pure water lake.

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⫷ Teachers, Artists & Content ⫸

These are the fantastic beings that already take part in this festival, and the list is still growing.

🌎 ISTA Lead Faculty 🌎
Bruce Lyon, Ohad Pele, Komala Lyra, Elaine Young, Dawn Cherie, Rex Rafiq, Raffaello Manacorda, Laurie Handlers, Kamala Devi, Crystal Dawn Moris.

🌎 ISTA Faculty 🌎
Amber Ra, Jasmeen Hana, Clara Gomes, Penny Goldmuntz, Shachar Caspi, Stephanie Phillips, Eugene Hedlund, Michal Maayan Don, Dhyan Niten, Buddhi Dana.

🌎 ISTA Apprentices & Organizers 🌎
Ashisha, Makatu, Yehoo Shalem, Winter Jade Icely, Joshua Berg

🌎 Other local & International teachers 🌎
Daniel Bernhard

🎭 Artists, DJ’s and Performers 🎭
Soon to be announced

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⫷ What is ISTA ⫸

ISTA stands for the International School of Temple Arts, an international mystery school that
is reviving the temple arts and offering spiritual transmission through se-xual shamanism.
All around the world, ISTA offers 1-week seminars, conferences, and festivals connecting
consciousness and se-xuality and creating a global network of communities.

⫷ What is Wild Love ⫸

Wild Love is a global movement that celebrates the shameless emergence of a culture that embodies love and freedom. The world soul is moving, and we appear to be in the middle of a significant change in civilization. Wild love expresses a ‘third way’ beyond the duality of status quo control and/or revolution. It stands for the inherent freedom of the human spirit and the universal nature of love. It is a movement made up out of many individual acts of wild love that synergize together to make visible the powerful wave that is sweeping the world.

"There is a wild love that will not satisfy you but destroy you
there is a wild love that will not bring you contentment but tear you open from the inside to reveal nothing less than the fiery face of the universe" - Bruce Lyon

A few words about consent from - Ohad Pele (ISTA Lead Faculty)

We all can admit that se-xuality is, to begin with, a healthy and necessary aspect of human life. Not only for reproduction of the next generation, but also for mental ease, intimacy building, and experiencing the joy of life. All are aspects that contribute to a healthier nerves system and the general health of individuals and communities.
This is all true when the se-xual behavior is coming out of a free choice of anyone involved. One of the keys to healthy sexuality is, therefore, when FREE CHOICE is emphasized. When every individual is learning and practicing their full right to say NO, As well as learning to respect the “no” of another. Realizing that when this person said “no” to them, they actually are demonstrating free will, and saying “yes” to themselves. Healthy se-xuality grows in a culture of empowered beings.
In ISTA the a.b.c. Steps are about every individual learning to discern their own healthy boundaries. Learning how to communicate clearly what they want and what they do not want to experience and learning how to communicate information about potential STDs and risks with fun and openness.

⭐ Buy your early bird tickets here ⭐

These tickets are available for all - [There is no difference between them but the date of purchase, and the price]
The tickets does not includes food or lodging (all available on site for additional cost).

⭐ Early Devils - 250‏€ - Sold Out!

⭐ Early Angels - 300€ - On sale

⭐ Early Seekers - 350€

⭐ Full Dragons - 400€

☀ It is possible to cancel your purchase within 14 days from making the purchase, as long as the cancellation is not in the 7 days before the festival. At the time in which cancellation is possible, a 5% Admin Fee will be charged off the sum of the purchase. After 14 days from making the purchase or at the 14 days before the festival - it is not possible to cancel. You may sell your ticket to someone else if you wish to.

☀ The ticket includes participation in the festival and most of its content.
☀ Camping at the festival's site with your own gear is included in the ticket - There are toilets and hot showers accessible at the site.
☀ You can bring an RV to the campsite if you like
☀ There will be nurturing vegetarian & Vegan food and goodies available for purchase during the festival.

⫷ Glamping & Rooms ⫸
For those of you wishing to stay at the festival with extra comfort, we have glamping and room options to offer you.
☀ Glamping [Luxurious tents] will be at the festivals campground.
☀ There are a few room options available at Helensee, all in walking distance from the festival.
Links for booking and more information will be available soon.


We are excited about the shared journey that awaits us. Such an event has never happened before in this way. We invite you to jump with us into the mystery and see what treasures are there to be found.

The ISTA Wild Love Festival Team
Makatu, Yehoo Shalem & Joshua Berg.


❤️ Pay attention ❤️

This is an alcohol and drug-free event, we invite you to come and explore using purely the medicines of our being, generated by breath, movement, sound, eros and emotional work. This is in order to ensure a safer space for us all to experience this journey. Anyone under the obvious influence of drugs and alcohol can be asked to leave the festival.

This festival includes nu-dity, se-xual content and activities that move our bodies and emotions.
Each participant's process is an individual process happening in a festival space shared with many other participants. A certain level of self-responsibility is required to navigate in the se-xual shamanic realm healthily.
People that suffer from a known and deep-seated trauma, unstable mental states, or a health issue that might be dangerous; are asked to consult with doctors and other professionals regarding their participation in the festival. If you consulted with a professional and got the approval to take part in the festival, please let us know.

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We are happy, excited & delighted that you want to join this magical ride!!

Please carefully read all the info below, so you can purchase a ticket easily and swiftly.

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Super early bird (Last tickets ) 300 EUR
Early bird 350 EUR
Regular 400 EUR


Tickets may be canceled only within 14 days from purchase date, provided at least 7 days are left prior to the event. A cancelation fee will be charged (5 percent of the transaction's value). Thanks :)

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